Parineeta [Full Movie]

Description :
Parineeta Vidya Balan's This is a simple tale comprising of elements like love, treachery, betrayal and sacrifice that will melt down in your heart with the experience lingering for a long. Lalitha and Shekar, the protagonists of this story are childhood buddies who grew up together, somewhere with the love untold or unrealised but understood. Navin Babu, the shrewd business man and father of Shekar had his cunning eyes set on the property of Gurusharan, uncle of Lalitha, who brought up her after her parent's demise. Knowing the unhonourable intentions of Navin Babu, Lalitha somehow manages to thwart it with the help of another friend Gireesh Sharma. Frustrated Navin Babu poisons his son's mind against the innocent girl and the lovers separate. How they manage to come together is the rest of climax.

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