Prema Chadarangam - Telugu Movie [Full Movie]

Description :
Raghu (Vishal) falls in love with Mythili (Reema Sen) and marries her. Mythili has a neighbor called Viswa (Bharat) who is few years younger to Mythili. She pampers him a lot since childhood as he is a motherless kid. But Viswa starts to develop feelings towards her. He becomes over-protective of her as well. When Raghu and Mythili shift to Goa for job purpose, Viswa also shifts to Goa on the pretext of graduation. Viswa joins the neighboring house of Mythili. He starts helping her out in errands while her husband is away. When Raghu is away from town, Viswa dupes Mythili and takes her away to unidentified destination. The rest of the film is all about how Raghu saves and brings back his wife from the clutches Viswa.

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