Qila [Full Movie]

Description :
Qila Bollywood Movie2005 Directed By : Rahul Rawail Starring : Rekha, Dilip Kumar, Mamta Kulkarni, Mukul Dev, Malay Chakrabarty.
Synopsis : A wealthy man named Jagannath Singh is shot dead in his own home by some unknown killers. Police Inspector Khan, who is assigned this case, finds out that Jagannath was shot twice, one bullet that killed him, and other embedded in the wall. Khan brings up this case before Judge Amarnath Singh, who is the twin brother of the deceased. Both Khan and Amarnath ask all parties involved to gather in Jagannath's palatial home, and the investigation begins at the place of the crime. The suspects include Yamini, a woman who claimed to have been molested and raped by Jagannath; her brother, Kundan; Suman, Jagannath's wife, and her son, Amar. Unable to bear the pressure, Amar confesses that he killed his father. Police arrests Amar. Is Amar really the killer? Or is he being forced by some unknown power to make a confession?

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