Rakta Bandhan [Full Movie]

Description :
Rakta Bandhan is a Bollywood Movie, starring Mithun Chakraborty & Rati Agnihotri. Kundan and Chandan are idential twins, Dacoits loot their village and carry away Kundan. Kundan becomes the feared decoit Trishul Singh, Chandan drives a tonga in the village. Kundan has an affair with Kammo Bai, a dancing girl, whilst Chandan secretly loves a village maidan, Rupa. Chowdhry bullies all the tonga drivers. Chandan is also severely beaten up and dumped in jungle to die. Hotly chased by the police Kundan is looking for a hiding place when he comes across Chandan lying unconcious. Noticing the natural resemblance, he quickly changes with Chandan and escapes to the village. When Kundan's followers find Chandan, they mistake him for their Sardar and carry him back to their hide-out. Chowdhry is taken aback when he tries to rape Chandan's sister and is given a merciless beating by Kundan. Chowdhry is intrigued to find a weak and timid Chandan suddenly becoming an aggressive bull. Meanwhile Chandan surrounded by the decoits pleads with them to release him. He is not their Sardar. They think he is suffering from loss of memory. Everyone in the village, including Chandan's sweetheart Rupa accept Kundan as Chandan, but he realises that this deceptive disguise cannot go on for ever. He decides to rescue Chandan and restore him to the village. The Police have already discovered the dacoit's den, and Kundan rushes to save his brother's life. Though he succeeds, he falls victim to the police firing, whilst the dancing girl Kammo is also killed in the cross fire. As Kundan is dying, he urges Chandan to return to the village and to his beloved Rupa.

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