Return Of Tezaab [Full Movie]

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Watch Bollywood Movie Return Of Tezaab. Director : G. Siva, Cast : Sumanth, Sangeeta, Ashish Vidhyarti.
Synopsis: Dhanam (Sangitha) is the youngest member in a family of sex workers. Young, beautiful and vivacious, Dhanam rules a tiny suburb in Hyderabad .She is the dream-girl of men who queue up to be in her company. Though reluctantly involved in the hereditary occupation, Dhanam's thoughts are noble.She helps the poor residents in her colony with a portion of her earnings. Anybody within her close circle knows her true self, one that is beyond the façade of a sex worker and crowd-puller.
Anantharaman (Prem) a Brahmin boy, happens to witness some of Dhanam's charitable work. Moved by her selfless nature, he decides to marry her. Soon, Anantharaman approaches Dhanam and expresses his interest and his decision. Though initially surprised at his suggestion, Dhanam scrutinizes Anantharaman's stability in his decision. After gaining considerable trust in the young gentleman, Dhanam consents for the wedding. However, she puts forth a condition. She asks Anantharaman to convince his parents and only with their approval and blessings would she agree for the arrangement. But Anantharaman's conservative family does not accept their son's weird request. Subsequently, arguments and disagreements arise in the family. At that tumultuous situation, astrologer Vedagiri (Kota Srinivasa Rao) visits Anantharaman's family. Listening to the family's predicament and examining Dhanam and Anantharaman's horoscopes, the astrologer presents a surprising finding. He assures the family that if the couple are married, Dhanam's luck is likely to bring in more wealth into the family and it would certainly raise the family's status. Excited by the prediction and the prospect of wealth, the family finally agrees for the wedding. Dhanam and Anantharaman are happily married in a grand wedding ceremony.
However, Vedagiri tries to use Dhanam's precarious position to his own advantage. He tries to lure her to sleep with him. Not knowing a
safe way out, poor Dhanam continues to avoid him. Eventually, Dhanam becomes pregnant which kindles a lot of doubts amid
Anantharaman's family members. The situation becomes serious and unable to prove her stand, Dhanam walks out of Anantharaman's
life. Does she extract revenge on the family for its messy approach and mean attitude? Does she nurture the same warmth and love on her
husband even after the split? Does she wish to return to him? Does the child prove her innocence? What happens to Vedagiri? Does he
continue to trouble Dhanam? How does Dhanam handle him and how does she teach him a lesson? Dhanam, the tragic tale, has all the

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