SaJaN [Full Movie]

Description :
SaJaN (1969) : The first half of the film is shockingly similar to Surya starrer Ghajini (2005-Tamil) & Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini (2008Hindi) Asha Parekh has done exactly what Asin does to Aamir Khan..Yes,,even the false hero acting like the real hero in a party just as in Ghajini and then all is revealed..Here it is Manoj Kumar who is a businessman in this case..

It is the second half where the script runs into a Murder...Then there are three suspects all of whom have left telling specific evidences of theirs at the scene of crime. what's their motive??. See Sajan..For once , you dont see the side elevation of Manoj Kumar and the songs saajan saajan pukaroon galiyon mein and Resham kee dori linger with you long after the film has ended

Synopsis :
Ashok comes from a business family and lives a very wealthy lifestyle. One day while perusing newspapers he comes across an article which claims that he is to marry a dancer named Rajni. Angered at this insinuation, he goes to confront Rajni, all ready to threaten with a lawsuit, but is instead bewitched by her beauty and innocence and ends up falling in love with her. Initially he does not reveal his real identity, but does inform her eventually, and both are ready to take the next step. Before that could happen both get embroiled in a murdera murder that ends up having three different killersall confessing to the same crime. The song 'Sajjan sajjan pukaru galiyon main, kabhi phoolon me dhundu, kabhi kaaliyon main...' continues to be popular even today.

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