Seethama Pelli - Telugu Movie [Full Movie]

Description :
Short tempered Kali (Mohan Babu) is a small time driver of a locomotive trolley. He loves his sister Sita (Revati) more than his life. Murali Mohan comes to the village as an engineer. Things always go wrong with Kali and the engineer. Mangala (Aruna) lost her father and moves to this village with her mother. She seeks shelter at Sita's house. Murali Mohan and Revati fall in love with each other. Mangala tries to entice the enraged spirit of Kali. In an accident Kali looses his hand. How the things get settled between Kali and the engineer? How Sita gets married to Murali Mohan? Watch this great love saga mixed with brother sister sentiment in the direction of the ace director Bapu.

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