Shama Parwana [Full Movie]

Description :
Gul Mirza (Shammi Kapoor) is a poet in the Mughal Empire and his singing wins praises from Aalam Meherbano (Suraiya), a renowned poetess and a noblewoman. Soon Gul Mirza and Meherbano fall in love with each other. Meherbano's father, Afsar-ud-Daulah (Ulhas), a powerful commander in the army returns from a victory in the Deccan and meets with Gul Mirza. Bursting with triumph and ego, Afsar-ud-Daulah challenges Gul Mirza to prove his swordsmanship. Gul Mirza emerges victorious in the challenge and gets recruited in the army. Gul Mirza travels on a dangerous mission to battle enemies but never returns from the battlefield. Afsar-ud-Daulah comes to known about Meherbano's interest in Gul Mirza and he decides to get her married to a nobleman so that she forgets Gul Mirza. Meherbano is unable to forget Gul Mirza who might be dead in the battle. What happened to Gul Mirza in the battlefield? Will Meherbano love triumph amidst the odds stacked against her?

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