Shikari - The Hunter [Full Movie]

Description :
Watch Bollywood Action Adventure Movie -- ShikariThe Hunter. Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Naseeruddin Shah, Amrish Puri and Irina Kushnareva. Director: Latif Faiziyev and Umesh Mehra. Synopsis: Shankar is a street performer singing songs and doing tricks with his elephant Appu. One day he saves a girl named Natasha, who works for an Indo- Russian Circus. They become good friends much to the jealousy of Shankar's friend Chanchal. Shankar and Appu become part of the circus but soon meet up with Mr. Bose and Nahar Singh who are international criminals dealing with drugs. They plan to export heroin to Europe in the cage of Appu. Shankar's long lost brother Fakira enters the scene and wants to avenge Mr. Bose and Nahar Singh for the death of his father. When Shankar learns about the truth of his father's death he joins in and a game is set to take down the criminals. What is the back-story of the criminals and how did they rise to their notoriety? Can the wicked men be stopped before it's too late?

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