Sikandar Sadak Ka [Full Movie]

Description :
Sikandar (Mithun Chakraborty) is a Champion for the cause of the oppressed, that gets him involved with the cause of the workers union. The owner of the factory, Chawla wants to shut down the factory to evade tax payments, but Sikandar refuses to let that happen and starts a revolt. In retaliation Sikandar's wife is brutally murdered. The violent reaction of Sikandar lands him in Jail. Sikandar sets out to destroy Chawla who has been busy destroying other lives. Chawla has laid traps to take control of the fortunes of Dhanraj by blackmailing his wife Seema. Meanwhile, two friends, Ram and Balram, both sons of Dhanraj become sworn enemies due to well laid out plan of Chawla. When Sikandar is released from Jail, he gets involved with the fate of their friends turned enemies to take down Chawla. How will Sikandar decimate Chawla and reign supreme in the war against injustice?

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