Teri Puja Kare Sansaar [Full Movie]

Description :
Watch Bollywood Mythological Movie Teri Puja Kare Sansaar1985. Star Cast: Raza Murad, Shashi Bala, Bharat Kapoor, Meher Mittal, Producer: R K Duggal, Director: Thakur Tappasvi, Music: S. Madan. Synopsis : The movie is about reincarnation and because of a mother's sins the daughter has to pay for it. The story is about a woman who in her first birth did not believe in god and then due to certain circumstances dies. In her second birth, she was married to the same person but this time she believed in god but was desperate for a child and when she gave birth to a child, she became a statue. For every sin there is a punishment. However, the child she had given birth to was thrown away and a poor family brought her up. She was treated as a servant there. She was thrown away from there too and then she fell in love with a boy named Mangal. Will she ever be able to meet her biological mother? What is the reason for the sorrows in her life?

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