Vallah Kya Baat Hai [Full Movie]

Description :
Kundan (Shammi Kapoor) is very poor and uses unsavory means to gain money to help the poor in his neighborhood. After his mother's death, Kundan ends up playing cards to pay his dues in a club. Later the club manager, Mr. Singh (K.N. Singh) asks Kundan to be his partner in the club. Meanwhile the club waitress Reena (Bina Rai) who in real is a police reporter, spies on Mr. Singh and gathers information on all the illegal activities. She manages to strike a friendship with Kundan, and starts advancing on the illegal activities of the club. Meanwhile, Inspector Ashok from Delhi vows to end Mr. Singh crime empire and with the help of Reena's intel raids Mr. Singh's hideouts. An agitated Mr. Singh kidnaps Inspector Ashok's son to seek revenge and Kundan must rescue the little boy and clear his name. Can Kundan crumble Mr. Singh's crime empire?

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