Zakhmi Aurat [Full Movie]

Description :
Watch Zakhmi Aurat Bollywood Movie. Producer : Imran Qureshi, Director : H. Vasu, Cast :Prema, Neha.
Synopsis: Jhansi (Prema) is a courageous police inspector. Without any political fear she keeps arresting those criminals also who have great influences. Rana Chandra Patel is a wealthy businessman. His wife is very much worried about their one and only son Rahul. Rahul is a freak -- out boy who has lots of attitude because of his father's wealth. But, when he gets in the contact with Jhansi, he realizes his mistake and falls in true love with his best friend. This relationship is not acceptable by his father. Jhansi gets suspended from her job because of the corrupt law system. With Rahul's support, will Jhansi be able to gain her position back?

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