7 Bijliyaan - Bollywood Film - Suresh Oberoi, Tina Munim

Duration : 2:18:58
Description :
7 Bijliyaan - Bollywood Film - Suresh Oberoi, Tina Munim
A ruthless criminal named Cheeta (Raj Kiran) wreaks havoc in a small village by kidnapping and raping brides on their wedding day. Forest officer Vijay (Suresh Oberoi) and his beloved Bijlee (Tina Munim) also become victims of Cheeta's wrath. As soon as Vijay and Bijlee get married, Cheeta kills Vijay and rapes Bijlee. Bijlee swears on Vijay's burning pyre to take revenge from Cheeta. In a turn of events, Bijlee crosses paths with six daredevil girls. Every girl is an expert in her profession; Katari (Labua Shah) excelled with knife, Goongri (Surinder Kaur) in opening safe, Moti (Guddi Maruti) in eating, Bauri (Kaajal Kiran) in drinking, Hera-Pheri (Neelam Mehra) in gambling and Tadipaar (Shoma Anand) their boss, is an expert in planning. The seven women join hands to annihilate Cheeta and free the village from his atrocities. With all hell breaking loose as the deadly seven crackdown on Cheeta, can they escalate to supremacy in this violent war?

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