Aandhi Toofan - Full Movie

Duration : 2:20:13
Description :
Aandhi Toofan
Kamanna (Doddanna) has brought up Ramanna (Sudeep) and Kittanna (Rockline Venkatesh) from childhood. All the three are efficient thieves. One fine day they all decide to give up their profession of stealing and settle down in some other place. They are traveling in a lorry that develops mechanical defect in the midst of a forest on a dark night. Luckily, they find a house in the next morning to live. This is the house of Kanaka (Vaibhavi). Her father is facing a difficult situation in front of the village chieftain. The stay of trio in this house gives some relief and courage to the distressed family. The trio - Kamanna and his two sons barge in to the chieftain's house to resolve the litigation further angers the village chieftain. The trio decides to stay in this village thereafter doing cultivation. In a village fair, Ramanna ties the mangalasutra to Gayathri, daughter of village chieftain. The village chieftain give up his harshness for the sake of his daughter Gayathri. However...

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