Aggi Veerudu - Full Movie

Duration : 1:52:11
Description :
Aggi Veerudu
Aggi Veerudu is a movie about a young swashbuckling prince, Vishwavardhan. Aggirakshaka is an evil sorcerer who wants to marry the princess, Padmaja. Vishwavardhan's father, the king, decides to marry him off to the neighboring kingdom's princess, Padmaja. But before it could happen, Aggirakshaka kidnaps the princess and uses magic spells to turn her parents into fish. Now, it's up to Vishwavardhan to find the cure for Padmaja's parents' condition and rescue Padmaja herself from the evil sorcerer. The adventures that Vishwavardhan faces to acquire the cure and defeat the sorcerer is something to be seen.

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