Ajnabee - Bollywood Superhit Film - Rajesh Khanna, Zeenat Aman

Duration : 2:19:03
Description :
Ajnabee - Bollywood Superhit Film - Rajesh Khanna, Zeenat Aman
One night a young girl named Sonia (Yogita Bali) comes to Dinapur station and asks for a ticket to Bombay. She seems to be scared and is in a hurry but she misses her train. The station master, Rohit (Rajesh Khanna) helps her by keeping her suitcase safely with him and letting her stay in his house. He goes back to the station and on the way he remembers his past with his wife Rashmi (Zeenat Aman). He is a middle-classed young and dashing guy who is in love with wealthy and lovely Reshmi, and both decide to get married against her father, Sardarilal's (Hari Shivdasani) wish. Shortly after their marriage, Reshmi gets pregnant. Then Reshmi enters a beauty pageant, and wins it. Now that her career is rolling, Reshmi decides that she does not want the child now, but Rohit opposes this decision. Reshmi goes back to live with her father who sends divorce papers to Rohit. Devastated, Rohit seeks employment, and finds a job as a station master at a remote hill station. He meets with Reshmi...

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