Anmol Moti - Bollywood Family Movie - Jeetendra, Aruna Irani

Duration : 2:02:07
Description :
Anmol Moti - Bollywood Family Movie - Jeetendra, Aruna Irani
Manik (Jagdeep) is a fisherman living in a small village near a sea coast with his father Gokul (Jayant) who is the Mukhia of the village. Manik is in love with Lakshmi (Shabnam), who is from the same village and they are soon to marry each other. After their marriage, the next morning there is procession of Nariyal Purnima where the fishermen used to go in search of pearls in the sea and it was Manik's first time as he participated in this procession. While he dived into the sea, in search of pearls, he was killed in an accident where he was trapped by an octopus and couldn't set himself free. Soon his wife Lakshmi, is pregnant after the and gives birth to a girl child, but after the birth Lakshmi also dies leaving her child behind with Gokul. Due to the reasons of death into the sea, the government banned the fishermen from diving into the sea for going in search of pearls, which was the only way that helped the fishermen to survive on their daily needs. How will the fishermen sur...

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