Anurodh - Full Movie

Duration : 2:27:17
Description :
Mr.Choudhary (Utpal Dutt) is a well established businessman and he does not approve of his son Arun (Rajesh Khanna) trying to become a singer. Due to the fear of being found out by his father about his music career ,Arun changes his name to Sanjay Kumar.He becomes a successful singer at he local radio station.His best friend Shrikant Mathur (Vinod Mehra) who writes songs for him is not well and lives with his widowed mother. Soon Arun's father finds out about his secret profession and asks him to quit or leave the house.Sanjay goes away to Calcutta and works in his friend's garage where he meets Sunita (Simple Kapadia). She is in love with Sanjay,the singer. Arun,later on works as a driver for Ramesh Chandra (Ashok Kumar) who is Sunita's grandfather.Watch how both the lovers reunite after a few misunderstandings and how Arun resolves his issues with his father.

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