Babua Hamar - Superhit Bhojpuri Film

Duration : 2:23:28
Description :
Babua Hamar - Superhit Bhojpuri Film
Govinda is a village simpleton who crosses paths with troublemaker Meera who is madly in love with Govinda. Govinda eventually falls in love with Meera but their union meets heavy opposition from Meera's father who wants her to marry an educated groom of his choice. Govinda sacrifices his love and Meera gets married to a man named Pramod. But tragedy strikes when Pramod meets with an accident and is killed instantly. Meera's in-laws drive her out of the house and she goes back to her fathers home, only to find out that he has passed away. Meera is left alone to fight the men of the village who try to take advantage of her whilst taking care of her son. Can Meera survive the odds stacked against her? Will Govinda and Meera unite in love or perish fighting their ill fate?

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