Bahu Beta Aur Maa - Hindi Family Drama Movie - Full Movie

Duration : 2:19:19
Description :
Bahu Beta Aur Maa - Hindi Family Drama Movie
It is a story of Balbir who is abitious, hard working guy. He is the son of a rich bussinessman . His cousin Kasturi tries to manipulate the business operations by trying to fool his father. Balbir tries to show kasturi's real face to his father but fails at it and goes away from his house for a while. In this period , he falls in love with a girl named Shomu and gets married to her. His parents are against this marriage and while he is away they plot a plan to create misundertsandings between them. Unfortunately Balbir and shomu face seperation. Will shomu be able to prove her innocence and get back to balbir?

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