Breathing Fire - Full Movie

Duration : 1:25:18
Description :
Breathing Fire
Michael, a Vietnam vet, pulls off a bank heist with his gang, which includes the bank's manager. To ensure the loyalty of everyone involved, a set of keys is made to the hiding place for the loot so it can only be opened if all the members are present. This set of keys were encrusted in a fake pizza mold that was later sliced and given to the gang. The bank manager gets cold feet and tries to back out, so Mike and his buddies kill him and his wife. The bank manager's daughter gets hold of the key and runs for help to David, one of her father's old friends and also a Vietnam vet as well as a former comrade of Michael's. David does some investigation, along with Michael's two sons to find out who murdered the girl's parents. They eventually discover that Michael is the culprit. However, trouble brews up when Michael reveals why he adopted his son. Among other things, 'Breathing Fire' is known for the scene in which the two adolescents battle kung fu midgets in a bar.

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