Chalaak - Full Movie

Duration : 1:54:22
Description :
Watch the 1973 movie Chalaak starring Radha Saluja in role of a rich woman Monica, who is living away from her family in London. When her brother Kishan dies, she sells off her ancestral property in India to marry her boyfriend. As a result, Kishan's widow Shobha, played by Alka, starts living with his friend Amar, played by Kiran Kumar. But Monica's boyfriend steals her cash and disappears. Baffled by this Monica moves in with Shobha and Amar. Monica and Amar get close and decide to get married. One day, Monica finds Amar and Shobha getting intimate. Is Amar two timing Shobha and Monica? What is his truth? Watch this movie to find out more.

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