China Town - Classic Bollywood Movie - Shammi Kapoor, Helen

Duration : 2:17:54
Description :
China Town - Classic Bollywood Movie - Shammi Kapoor, Helen
Shekhar (Shammi Kapoor), a young singer, lives in Darjeeling with his widowed mother. He is in love with Rita (Shakila), the only daughter of the wealthy Rai Bahadur. Rai does not approve of Shekhar and wants his daughter to marry a wealthy businessman named Chowdhry. Rita asks Shekhar to get a better position, but Shekhar is quite satisfied with his singing career. So Rita and her father relocate to Calcutta, and Shekhar follows them. An enraged Rai complains to the police, who arrest Shekhar and hold him for questioning. However, the police notice his resemblance to a China Town gangster named Mike (also played by Shammi Kapoor) who they are holding in custody. Because Mike refuses to talk, the police convince Shekhar to impersonate him in order to infiltrate the Chinatown criminal ring. Soon a high tension drama explodes amidst the brilliance of high adventure that sets to blow up the deepest mystery lurking in China Town's darkest shadows.

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