Company - Full Movie

Duration : 2:01:12
Description :
Company is a Telugu mafia movie that revolves around three big mob bosses in the city. Noori is a notorious crime lord whose businesses include human trafficking and drug trade. Although he's in prison, he controls all of his business from his cell commanding an impressive number of people under him. Then there's Balu, who has a fishing company that he uses as a front for flesh trade. Balu makes full advantage of Noori's absence in the city's crime scene and builds his image as a rival crime lord. The third and the most dangerous man is Azad, whose sole purpose is to divide and conquer. He starts a war that would eventually consume Noori and Balu's businesses. He wants to eliminate his compwtition. But, soon the story reveals that there's a larger game afoot. Who will emerge as the apex crime lord and how the city's police cope with these situations forms the crux of the story.

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