Dance Master - Full Movie

Duration : 2:15:20
Description :
Dance Master
Chandram and Ranjani are in love with each other and are willing to give their lives for their love. When their parents go against their union, they decide to commit suicide by jumping from a hig cliff. Unfortunately, Ranjani loses her life instantly but Chandram survives although gets seriously injured. After his recovery he is sentenced to one year in prison for his crime to commit suicide. He completely changes in that one year becomes a man who's lost everything. He gets out of jail and lands the job of a dance master. He keeps going back to the cliff to remember his loved one. One day he stops a young woman from taking her life and puts some sense into her. He meets her again at an art gallery where she introduces herself as Malini. She takes a strong liking for Chandram and starts to pursue him. The rest of...

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