Dekh Kabira Roya - Classic Bollywood Film - Full Movie

Duration : 2:17:21
Description :
Dekh Kabira Roya - Classic Bollywood Film
Mohan (Anoop Kumar), Pradeep (Jawahar Kaul) and Ranjeet (Daljeet) are three struggling and unemployed artistes, who share the same rooming house. Mohan is a singer; Pradeep paints; while Ranjeet is an writer. Three young women, Rekha (Anita Guha), Geeta (Ameeta), and Kalpana (Shubha Khote) are friends, and of marriageable age. While Rekha wants to marry a painter, Geeta wants to marry a singer, and Kalpana a writer. Things don't quite work out that way, and Kalpana is paired with Mohan; while Rekha is paired with Ranjeet and Geeta falls in love with Pradeep. The three male friends decide to help each other out by using their talents, but when love is involved nothing is simple and hilarious events follow suit.

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