Devi Mata - Devotional Hindi Movie

Duration : 1:52:28
Description :
Devi Mata - Devotional Hindi Movie
In a village lives a simple girl named Parvati (Umashree) who stays with her parents. She falls in love with Shiva who is poor but always ready to help others and eventually gets married to him. She gives birth to a daughter Chamundi(Kokila). People in the village tend to believe a fraud and do whatever he askes them to do. A miser in the same villages approaches him and asks him to help to make him more wealthy. That fraud asks him to do various activities and kill Chamundi . Howewer due to Devi Mata's blessing she escapes everytime. Meanwhile Chamundis father wins a lottery and becomes rich. Devi Mata takes Chamundi's body and destroys all the negativity and brings a change in the behaviour of many people . Watch the movie to see how with Devi Mata's blessings Shiva and Parvati lead a happy life.

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