Do Chattaney - Full Movie

Duration : 2:14:20
Description :
Do Chattaney
Super hit action movie Do Chattaney 2008 (Malayalam Hindi Dub)

Synopsis : Do Chattaney is story of Vijayan and Madhavankutty, stepbrothers who are at loggerheads due to plenty of old scores. Sons of the late police officer Mampilly Rajashekharan, Madhavankutty is the only son of Rajashekharan's legally married wife, but Vijayan, the illegitimate son was given the right to light the funeral pyre during his father's death. From there, Madhavankutty who refuse to acknowledge Vijayan as his brother, singles out every opportunity to irk and denounce Vijayan and his mother who are now considered as his sworn enemies. The Annual Kabadi Championship in memorial of their father is one such event where the brothers come up for cat fights. Vijayan has Biju and Komalan as his senseless croonies, while Madhavankutty roams around with Ramesan and Basheer in a jeep named 'Mambully-Original'. It could be a point of interest and engagement for you, to count exactly how many times these pair of id...

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