Ek Alag Mausam - Full Movie

Duration : 2:00:36
Description :
Ek Alag Mausam
Aparna's (Nandita Das) life comes to a grinding halt when she is diagnosed HIV-positive. She divorces her infidel husband who gave her the diseases and life seems to be a dead end for her. With the help of the charismatic Doctor Machado (Anupam Kher), she tries to make her life meaningful, helping and being helped by the children of people with HIV. The only complication in her life is that she has fallen in love with George (Rajit Kapoor), another volunteer at Jeevan Jyoti. George is impulsive, fun-loving and optimistic. As opposites, they are drawn to each other. However, Aparna denies herself the pleasure of this relationship because of her HIV status. Will she overcome her fear of death and loss of dignity to accept George's love? Does she not have the right to live for the moment and form a relationship that will enrich her life?

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