Elaan - Full Movie

Duration : 2:18:27
Description :
Naresh Kumar Saxena (Vinod Mehra) works as a freelance photographer and journalist. One day he meets with Mala Mehta (Rekha) and her father, who is the Editor of a Newspaper. Mr. Mehta hires Naresh and assigns him to go to a remote island to investigate and expose a group carrying out illegal activities there. Naresh goes to the Island with his friend, Shyam (Rajendra Nath) but is caught by the island guards and lodged in a cell along with two others, one a scientist and Ram Singh (Vinod Khanna), a hoodlum. The scientist confides in Naresh that he has invented an atomic ring that has the power to turn a person invisible. Naresh uses the ring to escape the Island and this creates waves in the underworld. The crime Boss orders his hand in the city, Verma (Madan Puri), to murder Mr. Mehta and Naresh to avoid publication of their secrets. After the murder of Mr. Mehta, his daughter, Mala vows to avenge the death of her father and teams up with Naresh to vanquish the underworld at any co...

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