Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death - Full Movie

Duration : 1:20:49
Description :
Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death
Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death also known as The Dragon and the Cobra. TV reporter Adolph Caesar is outside Madison Square Garden before the start of a martial arts tournament that will apparently determine the "successor" to the legacy of Bruce Lee. He interviews martial arts promotor Aaron Banks, who says that Lee was actually killed by a kung fu move called "The Touch of Death." From inside Madison Square Garden, Caesar talks about some of the competitors (including Bill Louie, who, while in the ring, pokes an opponents eyes out and flings them into the audience). He talks about the legacy of Bruce Lee, and shows some "interview" footage he did with Lee shortly before his death. (The Lee footage is actually scenes of him on the TV show Longstreet with new dialogue awkwardly dubbed in the soundtrack). Then, Caeser flashes back to earlier in the day, when action star Fred Williamson went through a number of wacky obstacles to get to the tournament. Anothe...

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