Geetanjali - Bollywood Romantic Movie - Rekha, Jeetendra

Duration : 2:31:38
Description :
Geetanjali - Bollywood Romantic Movie - Rekha, Jeetendra
Geetanjali is the story of two twin sisters Geeta and Anjali (Rekha in double role). Geeta is a music teacher and Anjali is a world renowned famous dancer. Sagar (Jeetendra) is a college professor who has come to his sisters place to spend his holiday. There he meets Geeta, they fall in love and get married. In course of time they have a child. Geeta is of very suspicious nature. Whenever Sagar comes late she suspects that he must be having an affair with his female students. One of the students, Kaveri, flirts with Sagar so that he will pass her in the exams. She tries to take advantage of Sagar but when she is turned down, Kaveri reports to the principal that Sagar tried to rape her. Sagar is suspended till further enquiry and Geeta who had always suspected Sagar, leaves the house and goes to stay with her sister. Anjali knew Sagar well and did not believe Geeta. Anjali goes to Sagar's house as Geeta to find out the truth. Will Sagar's innocence be proved?...

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