Ghunghat - Full Movie

Duration : 2:33:42
Description :
Super hit old classic movie Ghunghat (1960)

Synopsis: Ravi and Lakshmi were happy lovers. The course of their love was running smoothly till it was interrupted by the unseen hand of fate. Ravi was asked to marry another girl by his father. Since his fathers life and honour were at stake, Ravi had no option but to agree to the marriage. And Ravi got married to the girl fixed by his father. At the same time took place another marriage that was destined to play a strange part in the life of Ravi. The bridegroom of this latter marriages was Gopal and the bride Parvathi was the sister of his very dear friend Manohar. The weddings gets over, both the bridal parties were travelling by the same train which ran into a disastrous accident. In the accident, Ravi's wife dies and Manohar becomes blind. Parvathi was lying unconscious in her bridal dress and Ravi thinking mistakenly that she was his wife took her to his home. It was not long before he realized the terrible mistake that he had com...

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