Gunahon Ka Devta - Full Movie

Duration : 2:30:07
Description :
Gunahon Ka Devta
Super hit action movie Gunahon Ka Devta (1990)

Synopsis: Baldev Raj Sharma is a honest and diligent Police Inspector who lives in a city in India with his wife, and a son named Suraj. He is informed that due to his meritorious service, he will soon be felicitated and honored in public. Before that could happen, he is arrested, stripped off his title, and imprisoned for a brutal killing, leaving his wife alone to bring up their son, Suraj. Years later, Baldev is still in prison, while Suraj has grown up to be a police inspector himself, out to find out who framed his father. But will the trail be warm enough for Suraj to find his way through; and if he does so, will he himself be entrapped in a web of lies, and deceit, the same way his father was?

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