Hamar Sangi Bajrangbali - Bhojpuri Romantic Movie

Duration : 2:01:35
Description :
Hamar Sangi Bajrangbali - Bhojpuri Romantic Movie
Rameshwar, a village simpleton is an ardent believer of Hanuman. He dreams of marrying his childhood sweetheart Ramwati who lives in the city. Rameshwar's father sets off to the city to meet his old friend Dinanath, who also happens to be Ramwati's father. He asks Dinanath for Ramwati's hand in marriage for his son, but wealthy and cruel Dinanath insults him and rejects the proposal. Rameshwar swears to marry Ramwati at any cost and comes to the city to take her as his bride. Ramwati crosses paths with Rameshwar and falls in love with him, much to the chargin of Dinanath. Rameshwar and Ramwati are left to face Dinanath and his criminal gang who have vowed to destroy them. But with the odds stacked against them, will the star-crossed lovers unite? How will Lord Hanuman save his followers and vanquish evil?

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