Jai Hanuman Ji - Devotional Hindi Movie

Duration : 1:31:27
Description :
Jai Hanuman Ji - Devotional Hindi Movie
Janki, the daughter of an ardent devotee of Hanuman, falls in love with a survey officer Raghuram who has recently shifted to their village. Everything goes well till one day Nagaraj, a wicked man lays eyes on janki and asks her father for her hand in marriage. Janki's father rejects the proposal which leads in his murder at the hands of an enraged Nagaraj. Hanuman showers Janki with his blessings and sends a monkey for her protection. Whenever Nagaraj tries to abduct Janki he fails as the monkey protects her. Nagaraj's sister Shobha falls in love with Raghuram and tries to get him but miserably fails to do so. She tries to poison Janki's kheer but again the monkey saves her and the plot turns against Shobha herself and she passes away. Nagaraj raging in revenge abducts janki. Will Raghuram be able to save Janki?

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