Johar In Bombay - Hindi Comedy Movie

Duration : 1:39:23
Description :
Johar In Bombay - Hindi Comedy Movie
Two day-dreaming slackers, Rajesh (I.S. Johar) and his brother Gulu (Rajendranath) live with their elder, unmarried sister, Saraswathi (Jeevankala). Day and night Rajesh dreams of meeting a dreamgirl, and one day he comes across her in the shape and form of well-known actress Nalini (Sonia Sahani). Nalini straight away disapproves of him. Nalini lives with her scientist father, who is on the threshold of discovering a revolutionary weapon that can get rid of any impediment - big or small. Some foreigners learn about this development and abduct him to acquire the formula. Nalini fears for her father's life and avoids the police. She requests Rajesh and Gulu to help her. They are clueless but agree to impress her. Fortunately, Rajesh and Gulu stumble on a fantasy creature whom they call Pappajee (Polson), who possesses magical powers. However, as things turn out, his association results in even more complications for the two unlucky brothers.

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