Kala Samrajya - Full Movie

Duration : 2:35:23
Description :
Kala Samrajya
Arakalum Bhai (Mammootty) alias Kochu Baby is a man with a mission. Baby is a dreaded underworld don in Mumbai who returns to his village Panappuzha on getting a letter from the lover of his late grandfather, Meenakshi (Sheela). The mission: to avenge the death of his grandfather Peeli (Madhu) at the hands of Eappachan (Innocent). The flashback tells you that Peeli is murdered by Eappachan. In a confused melee, Eapen accidentally kills his father Itty (Spadikam George). But Baby's father Kuttappan (Rajan P. Dev) gets blamed for the crime. The young Baby, who was a witness to the murder, flees the village to escape from Eappachan. Much water has flowed down the river by the time Baby, now a mafia don from Mumbai, is back in his village. Eappachan has become a big shot and a wealthy businessman. In the village, Baby runs into the sexy egg-seller Thankamani (Nayanthara). In no time our hero falls head over heels in love with Thankamani and ends up marrying her. Of course, before that h...

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