Kalyana Ramudu - Full Movie

Duration : 2:20:37
Description :
Kalyana Ramudu
Kalyana Ramudu (Venu) is a wedding planner, whose functions include erecting the wedding altar, decorating, arranging musicians and cooking. During one such wedding function, the marriage is called off when the bridegroom elopes with a girl whom he is in love with. Incidentally the bride is a dumb girl and no one comes forward to take her hand in marriage. Kalyana Ramudu decides to fix the situation by asking his doctor brother (Raja Ravindra) to tie the knot with her. Kalyana Ramudu falls in love with the bride's sister, Kalyani (Nikita). She also loves him but pretends to be in love with Rajesh, a pop singer who is also her uncle's son. Later, Rajesh tells Kalyana Ramudu that Kalyani is actually in love with him. But one day Kalyani's sister dies and an astrologer tells Kalyani's father that there is a curse on Kalyana Ramudu's family. He tells him that the women in Ramudu's family die at a young age so Kalyani's father refuses to let her marry Kalyana Ramudu. The rest of the stor...

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