Kasam Dhande Ki - Full Movie

Duration : 2:18:53
Description :
Kasam Dhande Ki
A conman Satyaprakash (Sumeet Saigal) hires a naive Bholashankar (Hemant Birje) as a front man to extort money from Juhu beach shopkeepers. In doing so, he crosses swords with Balan (Gulshan Grover), the don of Juhu beach. Balans goons beat up Bholashankar and injure him badly. On returning from hospital, Bhola finds out about Sattu's motives. Bhola confronts Satyaprakash and beats him up publicly. To avenge his insult, Sattu sells Bhola's sister to Balan for money. Will Bhola be able to save his sister from the clutches of Balan?

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