Khanjar - Full Movie

Duration : 2:14:26
Description :
Prakash (Navin Nischol), a librarian is visited by his friend and private detective Captain Usman (Suresh Oberoi) and is given a diary along with a dagger (Khanjar) to safeguard them. Usman informs about their importance for a case under his investigation and that some gangsters want the them at any cost. Soon after this, Prakash learns that Usman is murdered. He also receives a call from a stranger enquiring about Usman's diary and the dagger. Meanwhile, a a double agent named Preeti (Reena Roy) starts to flirt and get closer to Prakash to know about the diary and the dagger. Prakash notices her acts, illustrates to the police the story of Usman's diary, the dagger, his murder and Preeti's attempts for them. But Preeti is found murdered along with Prakash's brother-in-law Ramesh (Shekhar Kapur). Disturbed by these mysterious murders leading to the dagger, Prakash and his magician friends Jagat (Mehmood) and Rasvanti (Jashree T.) visit an old town Udaigarh, famous for Swamiji (Amja...

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