Khel Khiladi Ka - Bollywood Action Movie - Venkatesh & Nagma - Full Movie

Duration : 1:59:46
Description :
Khel Khiladi Ka - Bollywood Action Movie - Venkatesh & Nagma
S.I. Vijay is a very sincere police officer, committed to his job, even while trying to get over his grief at the death of his beloved Bharati. Vijay takes on lease a portion in the house of journalist Renu whom Vijay respects very much and looks to her as his elder sister and she developed affection towards her three children. Renu's husband S.P. Prakash is a villain and his wicked and cruel ways are always condemned by Renu at every step. Anna is the kingpin of crime. Anna's daughter Sandhya is loved by Sekhar, a poor man. Knowing this Anna arranges rowdies to beat Sekhar. Vijay saves Sekhar from the rowdies and comes to know all the misdeeds of Anna. Anna's criminal secrets were earlier recorded on a video cassetted by Bharati that is why Bharati was killed by Anna's henchmen. Vijay obtains this Video cassette recorded by Bharati. Watch the rest of the movie to find out how Vijay plans to put Anna behind the bars forever.

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