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Lanka (High Definition)
"So close and yet so far". The famous song from Elvis Presley best describes the city of Bijnor. Resting at the northern tip of Uttar Pradesh, Bijnor is still untouched by the progress which is reserved for the metros; just like so many other small towns of India.
A few hours from Delhi, Bijnor is still trying to wrestle out of its poverty and its oblivion. He was not a thief, nor a gun-toting criminal. He was not a warlord either. But the city of Bijnor was well aware of this Bhaisaab (Elder Brother); some revered him, some feared him but none ignored him. Closely guarded by the loyalist, Jaswant Sisodia ruled the city
of Bijnor; his business empire comprising of sugarcane mills, country liquor distilleries and various other enterprises; some legal and mostly illegal. With parents dead in his formative years, Jaswant was brought up by his father's man Friday, Rajbir. Rajbir and his fourteen-year old son was the only family known to Jaswant, who was now in the prime of ...

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