Main Balwaan - Full Movie

Duration : 2:31:21
Description :
Main Balwaan
Super hit movie Main Balwaan (1986)

Synopsis: Main Balwaan reveals the story of an honest police officer who is caught in the web of human relationship and becomes the victim of the misunderstanding of his own protege. Anil, who is Meera's son, married Geeta against his father's wishes. When he brings her home, he is thrown out. Anil dies due to which Geeta goes mad, and their son Tony islooked after by his maternal uncle, Chowdhary, a police officer. Tony falls in love with Natasha the daughter of Basu, Commissioner of Police. Tony takes advantage of his uncle's honesty and extracte money from local shopkeepers. But later the two of them get together to find out the thief, who has stolen the British crown from the exhibition.

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