Manchi Donga - Full Movie

Duration : 2:27:24
Description :
Manchi Donga
Manchi Donga, has Chiranjeevi as Veerendra who liked by one and all. Even though he is a thief, Veerendra he follows certain principles. Suryam and Chandram are father and son who are involved in an illegal occupation. Madhavi (Suhasini) who is a lawyer, meets Veerendra and she is attracted towards him for his kindheartedness towards poor people. Vijaya (Vijayasanthi), a friend of Madhavi enters the city as a police inspector. She warns Veerendra for his activities but Madhavi supports him. Once Veerendra steals an evidence from Gannayya, who is also a corrupt person and this has all the details of the activities of Suryam and Chandram. He hands it over to inspector Vijaya. She is very much impressed with his deed and now develops a soft corner for him. After a couple of songs, veerendra decides to marry Vijaya, while Madhavi sacrifices her silent love for her friend. Veerendra surrenders to the police and is sent to jail. He studies in jail and becomes a police inspector. After his...

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