Mayor Saab - Full Movie

Duration : 2:29:15
Description :
Mayor Saab
G.K Rayadu (Kamal Haasan) is a corrupt Mayor and along with his assistant Charan Raj takes bribe and sells a market to a rich businessman and forces the poor people doing business in the land to move out threatening physical harm. Although the Rayadu is married (to Srividya), he has a mistress. Rayadu comes to find out that his assistant and his mistress are married and has been cheating him out of his money for a long time. He finds the assistant's stash of diamonds and takes it. After spending some time with his wife and kids, Rayadu gets a change of heart and decides to expose his and his assistant's illegal activities. Before he leaves, he hides the diamonds inside one of his children's toys. His assistant finds out, murders Rayadu in a fit of rage and stores the body in a freezer.

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