Meri Hukumat - Full Movie

Duration : 2:26:15
Description :
Meri Hukumat
(Srihari) is a sincere and honest DCP. He believes that going out of law to teach a lesson to the culprits is not wrong. He goes to the traders and tells them to attack the rowdy elements, if they demand mamools. This keeps the dadas at bay. Once, he calls all the top rowdy elements to his office and gives them a sound thrashing in the name of counseling. Unable to digest this, Sitaramaraju (Raman Punjabi) instigates his brother Narasimharaju (Hemanth Ravan), who kills one trader's son in broad daylight and dares the police. Despite warning Narasimharaju comes to the DCP's office and gets arrested. When Sitaramaraju gets him released on bail, Simhachalam kills him intentionally, but proves that it is a misfire from his revolver. Outraged Sitaramaraju plants a bomb in Simhachalam's car but Simhachalam's friend (Suresh) dies in the blast. Simhachalam arrests him after a chase. But, he did not want to get released on bail, as he fears that he too would be killed like his brother. Sitar...

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