Meri Ishq Ki Kahani - Bollywood Film - Full Movie

Duration : 2:08:09
Description :
Meri Ishq Ki Kahani - Bollywood Film
College Professor Vikram falls in love with his student Asha and they both pursue their relationship despite knowing the risks involved. Asha becomes pregnant and later comes to known that Vikarm is already married. Asha decides to conceal her pregnancy and marry the groom of her parents choice. She gets married to Manohar who comes to known about Asha's pregnancy but accepts her and starts to live a happy married life. Meanwhile Vikram desperately tries to find Asha but fails in his attempt. Soon Asha becomes a a mother and names her daughter Priya. Things take a cruel turn when Manohar shows his true color and forces Asha into prostitution while threatening to kill Priya if she dint give into his demands. How will Asha survive the horror that has surfaced in her life?

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