Meri Izzat - Full Movie

Duration : 2:25:34
Description :
Meri Izzat
Ashima is looking out for a male model to star in an advertisement for a upcoming
Motorcycle brand. She gets hold of Raj Kumar (Chiranjeevi) and makes him act in the Advt. and falls in
love with Raj Kumar. When Raj Kumar rejects her advances, she attempts suicide. When she is admitted
in the hospital, Prasad (Rejendra Prasad) tells her in flashback scenes the story of Raj Kumar. Raj Kumar
runs a dance school and an audio manufacturing company. His dance school is meant to satisfy his zeal
for dancing and audio company is meant for earning his bread and butter. He falls in love with Shanti
(Simran) and gets married to her. Shanti gives birth to Akshaya (baby Akshaya). Akshaya is very fond of
her daddy. Raj Kumar is very fond of his friends. He gives surety for the Chit Fund Company of his friend.
His friend betrays Raj Kumar as the Chit Fund is declared bogus and Rajkumar's entire property is confiscated. Later on, it is revealed that
Akshaya is having a heart disease. rest of the st...

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